"Our contribution to the progress of the world must consist in setting our own house in order." -Mahatma Ghandi

Earth Home is founded by Tisha Morris and is committed to creating better living spaces for a better planet. Our contribution starts in our homes and living spaces as they are the bridge between us and nature. Earth Home works with homes, businesses, corporations, land builders, and non-profit organizations to help improve spaces using feng shui, space clearing, interior design, interior decorating, clutter clearing, five element analysis, and land healing.

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  • Communicating Through Color

    Guest Post by Delaney Wiley Why do we tend to gravitate towards some colors more than others? Are we choosy because color resonates with something deeper than just what catches the eye? Color Psychologists study how color is linked to human behavior. There is said to be a definite relationship…

  • What’s Your Element?

    As one of my favorite musicians, Moby, says, "We are all made of stars." Or at least, we are all made up of Five Elements. The Five Elements of feng shui come to us from Taoism. According to Taoism, not only are we all made up of stars, but each of…

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