Our Mission

"Our contribution to the progress of the world must consist in setting our own house in order." -Mahatma Ghandi

Earth Home is committed to creating better living spaces for a better planet. Our contribution starts in our homes and living spaces as they are the bridge between us and nature. Earth Home works with homes, businesses, corporations, land builders, and non-profit organizations to help improve spaces using feng shui, space clearing, interior design, interior decorating, clutter clearing, five element analysis, and land healing.




Recent Posts

  • Does Free Will Really Exist?

    Preface: the following post is a bit beyond the scope of my work with spaces in topic and length, but felt it was important to share. Enjoy! Most spiritual books will tell you that Earth is a grand experiment in free will. We have free will to make choices and…

  • Being vs. Doing: The Yin and Yang of Our Dysfunction

    If you’ve been around the self-help circles for very long, then you are aware that all of our issues come down to one thing: Not Being Good Enough (a.k.a. a lack of self-worth). Not pretty enough. Not rich enough. Not smart enough. Not talented enough. Not just-about-anything-you-can-think-of enough. What you…

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