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Earth Home is committed to creating a new way of living where spirituality meets design by using principles in feng shui, space clearing, interior design, sustainability, clutter clearing, and land healing. The Earth Home Mission is best stated by Mahatma Ghandi, "Our contribution to the progress of the world must consist in setting our own house in order."

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  • How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck

    I’ve spent years helping people let go of stuff, along with my own, and have heard every excuse you could imagine for holding onto certain…

  • Being is the New Doing

    With a slew of planets currently in retrograde this Summer, the Universe is forcing us to slooowww down. In our fast-paced society, we are constantly…

  • How Big is Your Room?

    I’ve been oddly fascinated with abduction movies recently, the most significant of which was Room, my favorite movie of 2015. It’s about a teen girl…

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