Chinese New Year 2016: Let Go or Be Dragged

Illustration by Thailan When

"Let go or be dragged." - Zen Proverb

Between an epic snowstorm, Mercury retrograde, and early departures, 2016 started out with quite a bit of turbulence. With the Chinese New Year upon us, we can now take a moment to look at the year ahead. If you haven’t had a chance to do some visioning for 2016, it’s not too late. Here are some things to expect.

The Chinese New Year on February 8th is the Year of the Fire Monkey. The Sheep of 2015 has been sheared and it’s time to grab a banana and go, go, go! You’ll need the extra potassium for stamina. The best way to navigate this year is to stay flexible, agile, and expect the unexpected. Best not to look down. Leap from moment to moment using your intuition while maintaining a playful sense of humor.

The bigger story for 2016 is it being a numerological 9-year. In numerology, the number nine holds the vibration of completion. Like volunteering at a homeless shelter (9 represents humanitarianism too), completion is no easy task and yet incredibly rewarding.

Completion inherently involves releasing.

Anything and everything that is no longer serving your highest and best interest (aka, your soul) has to go. It is time to end any thoughts, habits, beliefs, people, places, or things that are no longer worthy of moving forward with you into the new.

The wheel of life is asking from us a tall order. No longer can go ignored the clutter in our lives – on the level of mind, body, or home. Clearing, purging, detoxing, purifying, and releasing are paramount this year. No one gets off the hook this year. Get your Goodwill gears in order now.

For me, the Universe threw me back to my hometown to literally clean out my closet and any relationship issues still lingering from past oversights. Guilty as charged! Speaking of, anything remotely related to guilt, shame, resentments, or regrets must go. They are like leg weights that will keep you rooted in old suffering.

Purification may have already occurred for some of you during January (while Mercury was in retrograde) or it could rear its head gradually throughout the year. For those who have already cleared the skeletons from their closets, major breakthroughs are afoot.

If 2016 is sounding like a chore, let me assure you that the gifts that come from lightening your load are well worth it and will lead you to your dreams in miraculous ways. With each layer of density released you will be the Fire Monkey jumping tree to tree with joy and ease.

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    1. I just stumbled upon your website. it is like you wrote the book on it or something. That is a smart way of thinking about it. Spot on with this. I am continually browsing online for tips that can help me.

    2. I really enjoy reading on this website , it holds wonderful posts . “Dream no small dreams. They have no power to stir the souls of men.” by Victor Hugo.

    3. Thanks Martin! 2017 post is coming soon!

    4. What about 2017, the year of the rooster??

    5. Thank you for important information

    6. There are no coincidences…

      I had to come across this post. Today.

      Thank you Tisha! I feel hugely relieved and clear.

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    9. wayne

      what a great start to the year its all go been go go go from 5th jan. everything going the way it is meant at the rite pace and rite time (how everything is so in tune its in a perfect sequence)

    10. Beautifully put.

    11. I loved this! So true…I was also born in a Monkey year so this is so apparent for me now

    12. Nice and informative. I would like to know more how to apply feng shui to my life, but how come that in China it’s not applied to the environment and to workers’ homes? Is it only for the well-to-do?

    13. Thank you, very interesting info….I am having to let my car go….I could not afford to re-register it & it is very old, Soul did a drastic thing & I fell backwards down an escalator, with all my shopping….right shoulder & back both injured, so looks like no more driving for me for a while, shoulder will never get better, (Doc says)…finding it very difficult to let it go, as driving was my real pleasure in life….I know if I can let it go, maybe a nice new car might manifest! I am also trying to re-arrange my office/desk space, but shoulder/back not helping much! Feeling very sorry for Diana…sending much Love….well, sending you all Peace, Joy & Love….Namaste xx

    14. Thank you for this divinely inspired insight. This encourages me to stay the course! I know that my desired outcome is at hand.

    15. Yes Aliyu, digital clutter is the new clutter for sure!

    16. Diana, that is a lot to go through! My heart goes out to you. I have seen many people become completely stripped lately. It really is a completely letting go of all identity so that we can be born into our truest and most authentic self now. January was (what I hope to be) the most intense month of it because the retrograde made the cuts even deeper. I have no doubt the worst is over for you and only up from here!

    17. And perhaps this wise fire monkey could please instruct the very people who invented him -the Chinese- to let go of something most important. That is, shark-fin soup, Tiger, Rhinoceros, Bear, and other endangered animal parts for “medicine” and delicacies. Let go of it, Chinese people, please. Stop perpetuating this barbarity in the name of mindless tradition.

    18. I had between four and five hundred friends on Facebook, and recently, I suddenly realized that it made me life feel cluttered. I have trimmed the number down to just around two hundred, starting two days ago. I feel so secured and happy, and I couldn’t say why — until now!

      This morning, I had a conversation with my wife about the need to refuse to worry about unfulfilled dreams. During the conversation, we decided to reorder the plots of our lives and amazingly, we realized that we are both great achievers and there in fact is absolutely nothing to worry about.

      February the 8th will be our wedding anniversary, and the penultimate to our daughter’ birthday. It’s very important to me to know that it’s also going to be a New Year. Chinese or Nigerian or Islamic or Western, a new year is an opportunity to reaffirm one’s commitments to start afresh. That this particular year doubles as a year of throwing away the garbage of the past makes it all even more refreshing, and special!

      Thanks for your piece, Tisha!

    19. Whoa! I wondered what was happening cosmically. In June, after 27 years my husband traded me in for a 20 year old. Immediately, I lost my home and half of my belongings. Since then I have lived in three places, having to let go of more items with each move. I was finally in a new place in September, unpacking boxes and setting up a home here. This week the landlord suddenly decided to sell out from under us. I have to move again! Today I gave up my family’s china and a carload of belongings to Goodwill. I have felt like those pioneer women who start out from the eastern states with family possessions but have to throw them out of the wagon to ford the river or get over the mountain. When they finally settle, just about all they have left is a gun and an iron skillet and a locket. Will the whole year be like this?

    20. Well written, full of LOVE and very interesting, Sounds like I am not the only one feeling the good energies around us =) I feel LOVE GRATITUDE and PEACE, I am actually living in my childhood home on the countryside 3o min from Helsinki, Finland. Have done some cleansing both in mind and soul <3 I got a feeling that I will take the space rocket /flying mattress and help and spread my love around this magical mother earth this year, since that is my soul mission. I have been preparing for it, still going to do a yoga instructor course which starts soon after I will go to Lapland to meditate and feel the northern lights energies etc. As a life mentor I am happy to can help people to become in balance and find themselves, some are suffering from workaholics, some have alcohol/drug/medicine problem, some relationship problem, and kids as well as persons with traumas etc. I really do not feel fear anymore, I feel LOVE, FREE & GRATITUDE and that is what I will continue to spread around me. I will fly and help though different channels ex. VIP Finland concierge which organize anything worldwide 1. Travel agency/DMC services ex. travel partner/help , VIP & Luxury services, Private Lifestyle Management ex. daily errands, life mentor/coach etc. 3. Consulting & Investment ex. charity foundation, relocation services, "music of the plant" which is meditative and can help even people in coma and babies with colic etc.(device is connected to the plant) I just got chosen as 1 of the top nordic leader in Norwegian magazine where I am spreading the love energy , enjoy and I LOVE YOU ALL <3 <3

    21. thanks for the warning AND the encouragement. I agree that most of us are clinging to the past and carrying around too much baggage. That’s not to say it’s easy to let go, but I agree that when we give up our stuff and our stories, we open to door to possibility. May 2016 be a festive and playful wild monkey ride.

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    26. Loved it.

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