Your Home is a Giant Vision Board

As we head into the New Year, manifesting is on all of our minds. Resolutions, goals, intentions, visions, dreaming and scheming. But you don't have to look very far to see what you're manifesting. Your home is literally a giant vision board. That's because it's a 3D expression of your energy field.

Artwork, pictures, books, closets, cabinets, bedroom, office - it's all an expression of the energy that you're beaming out into the world. And the world is a giant mirror that reflects back what you are emitting out. 

Imagine if you could paste your home onto a flat one-dimensional board. Spread it all out like a map of the world. Look at all of it objectively, not ambien no prescription online just the pretty parts, but the closets, cupboards, and clutter too. Those storage areas represent our subconscious mind and often where our subconscious blocks hide.

How is your home not in alignment with what you want? What needs to go? What is stuffed, cramped, outdated? What would be a better representation? Inspirational artwork, curtains you love instead of tolerate, current books, functional rooms. 

If your home was a vision board, does it represent the life you want? If not, it's time to remove some things and add some things around on your virtual vision board.

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    1. The best…

    2. Great explanation! I’m sharing this with my peeps :-)

    3. Sue

      I’m a little late to post here, but I wanted to tell you this really spoke to me. It is something I’ve never thought about before. It gives me the motivation to do some rearranging (of belongings and to shift the energy), and to continue to let go of things that have served their purpose so there is room for the new to arrive!

    4. Hi Jen,
      Many people struggle with your exact issue, so you are not alone.
      It can be overwhelming, similar to someone embarking on losing 100 lbs.
      Similarly, you have to tackle it from the psychological/emotional side and the taking-action side. Attempting just taking action isn’t enough because you have shame, etc around it now. So, first off, give yourself a break and have compassion for yourself. Just like someone who is carrying too much weight than what is comfortable for them, you have to ask Why and get to the root of the issue. Only then can taking action really have momentum. The really good news is that your awareness and desire to change it is huge and will take you in the direction and to the resources you need!
      xx Tisha

    5. Jen

      Robyn, you’re not alone. This is me too. Clutter Queen. I moved a year ago and full boxes still around. I mostly just try to hide it when others visit!

      Tisha, thanks for posting. One of my New Year plans is to really get my home into tip top shape, releasing everything that doesn’t serve me. I already hung my vision board up and have other items in mind I want to create, as well as get new curtains. That was actually on my list for tomorrow! In addition, there’s so much I want to release. It’s all in my mind, but I get overwhelmed with what to do with it all. I called professional organizers about 6 weeks ago and too embarrassed to let them see my place. I guess they deal with it often. I’m nothing like a hoarder, don’t have that much stuff, just completely disorganized! I guess I should call again. I need some support and a plan!

    6. Hi Robyn,
      Wow thanks so much for sharing!
      Having a new perspective is where a true shift begins. Congratulations! Now have compassion for yourself combined with some actions steps. Start with the easy areas first to free up some energy. That will help to get the ball rolling. Feng Shui Blessings in 2016! xx Tisha

    7. Hi,
      I just want to say that I have been living in a constant state of clutter. Every aspect of my life is clutter. My home is always a disaster and I am ashamed because I can never have anyone over to my home. I sit and I wonder “where do I even start?” I read your blog today and I got up and I started and I have a plan. Thank you. I don’t know why but your words just resinated with me in such a profound way. I didn’t want to be the person I had become anymore and I decided right then and there to change my vision board because honestly living in a house that when someone walks in their first response is “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE BEEN ROBBED!” Is not the vision I had in mind. Thank you!

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