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Free Feng Shui Webinar Series – January 2017

This year starts off a new 9-year cycle of energy. It is more important than ever to step into our personal power and align with our true desires. Your home is an essential part of that as it is intricately connected to your own personal energy. Join me in January for a FREE 3-part webinar…
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Moving Into the Dark to Find the Light

On the 21st the Sun moves into Capricorn - the official first day of winter and also the shortest and darkest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere. This also marks the Water phase in the Five Elements cycle. Winter, or Water, is a quiet, contemplative energy marking a time of death…
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The Fear of Empty Space and Why We Clutter Our Lives

The predominant emotion in today’s culture is feeling overwhelmed. Most people complain about not having enough time in their day or space in their home. Our life is cluttered with time clocks, technology, and trying to maintain it all with our home reflecting this back to us. This is why we are undergoing a cultural…
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