Feng Shui Fridays December 2016 The End of an Era and New Beginnings Await Us

This last month of 2016 is astrologically ripe for cleaning out the last tentacles of things from your past that need not go with you into the future. This could include making amends with others, healing family relationships, forgiving yourself, letting go of grievances. And of course all of this is somewhere in your home begging to be gone.

Our minds have scrambled and everything seems upside down and all around. These are the ingredients for transforming old patterns into a new better batter. What will your new cake be?

When life seems unbelievable it's an opportunity for new beliefs. As we close out this old world, now is the time more than ever to start creating your new world. One that has nothing to do with politics, but one that is unabashedly your true desires. One that is not based upon what others think is best for you, but one that tugs at your deepest heart strings.


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